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You’re Still Every Language I Want to Speak

"Your bones are melting and it isn’t underneath my body. Your bones are melting and I don’t get to tell you that you’re killing me over here. I wanted to write you a love poem but all I could think about was the after effect. The way we all have to relearn our alone until it stops feeling lonely. Trust me. I’m just a messy addict with a chest full of pulses you’ll never feel under your skin, and I still just want to talk about your hands. They look so good on you,baby, but they’d look even better on me. Holding me still and speaking a new language at the same time. I want to love you until we both forget why we shouldn’t. You’re a million different words coming together, and I’m stumbling over each one. I don’t mind learning to speak all over again if it means I’ll finally get you right after all these months of staying silent. After all these months of not knowing what to say."

- Y.Z (via rustyvoices)

Hello world, my name is Sarah. I enjoy books, trees and learning. I am very fascinated by travel and the world we live in. I hope you have a pleasant day (: